This biological regime is the future of medical treatment. Stem cells are the origin of our body, of all our cells, and are able to regenerate themselfs by cell division.

Autologous Conditioned Adipose Tissue (ACA)

The ACA (Autologous Conditioned Adipose Tissue) technique offers an easy, cost-effective and fast solution for harvesting and processing adipose tissue to isolate the stromal vascular fraction and/or microfet. The ACA is isolated by mechanical dissocation of the adipocytes whereby the regenerative cells within the ACA are concentrated.

ACA contains a large number of regenerative cells such as adipose-derived stem cells (AdSC) but also endothelial and progenitor cells embedded in an extracellular matrix. AdSCs share similar properties as stem cells derived from bone marrow. They can differentiate into different cell lines such as bone, fat, cartilage, and muscle and secrete a large number of cytokines and growth factors (e.g., HGF, IL-6, TGF-ß1) that are involved in tissue regeneration.

ACA can be mixed with PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) prior to application to an orthopedic site. The composite of both combines the proliferative effect of PRP and the regenerative potential of ACA.